Sunday, March 6, 2011

Getting Organized

I have come to realize that I am an episodic housekeeper. Or maybe a hit-and-run organizer is more accurate. I have great difficulty keeping things neat and tidy all of the time, but periodically I go on intense cleaning and organizing sprees. One of these sprees hit this week-end and involved my yarn stash.

My DH and I live in Boston in a tiny, two bedroom condo (and the second bedroom serves as his home office). This means that I don't have a craft room (dream on!), but only a craft corner -- located in our bedroom. Recently it's really gotten to be an eyesore. See for yourself.

To be fair, it's usually neater than this, but the above photo reflects the level of chaos I was starting to feel and the degree to which things had gotten out of hand.

So, rather than spend $350.00 on this Pottery Barn cubby organizer which caught my eye in the catalog, I decided to be more thrifty and purchased this Martha Stewart cubby organizer for about one-third the price.

Now, granted, I had to assemble it myself, but it only took about an hour before it was good to go. So, I then took all of this:

... and turned it into this:

On the upper-middle shelf is a three-drawer organizer that holds all of my dps; the left-center shelf holds my sketching notebook, knitting journal and circular knitting needle organizer; and the brown cloth drawer in the middle-bottom holds my awkwardly shaped tools such as a yarn scale, a ball winder and, my most recent acquisition, a darning egg.

I had originally intended to display the yarn a la LYS style which I had thought would be very pretty and would allow me to constantly admire my beautiful yarn. However, after careful consideration I decided that I needed to protect my yarn from dust and moths. So, each of the cloth drawers is lined with a  100% cotton, zippered pillowcase cover into which I packed the yarn and then included a cedar sachet for good measure.

Finally, almost everything got a label. (Be still my heart!)

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Anonymous said...

Organizing is meditative to me, I love finding a spot for everything and coming up with clever solutions. Looks nice, can't wait to see in person!!! ~Deda