Sunday, July 25, 2010

It All Started With a Necklace...

...that was inexpensive but striking. I love turquoise - both in jewelry and as a color. And I like to wear it to punch up my summer wardrobe. Hence, the starting point for my most recent knitting project.

I decided a turquoise-colored summer cardigan in cotton yarn was just what my summer wardrobe lacked. Then I saw this and thought the color and design could be a winning combination.

I've been pretty happy with the finished product and have received lots of compliments. In terms of wearing it -- I like that it matches my necklace perfectly and it is just the right weight and warmth for air-conditioned offices. It's versatile and can be dressed up or down.

In terms of knitting it, my feelings were mostly positive. The lace patterns were easy to learn and fun to do. The sweater knit up quickly and I actually didn't mind all the sewing up at the end. However, I seemed to suffer from Can't-Seem-to-Count-the-Same-Number of Stitches-Twice Syndrome during the knitting of it. Hence, the left side is nearly an inch smaller in every dimension as compared to the right side. This is not that noticeable when its being worn, but does mean that I am wearing this more as a shrug than a cardigan (i.e., without buttons so far). I take full responsibility for this error, but a warning if you plan to knit this up: The number of stitches is increased and decreased a few times as you work your way up each piece, so it helps to pay attention. Apparently I didn't.

Also, the design of this sweater seems to be most appropriate for a small-busted person with a short-waist. I have neither of these attributes and thus I don't think I do the original design full justice.

Design: Short Sleeve Cardigan (#19) VogueKnitting International Spring/Summer 2007 by Shiri Mor
Yarn: Tahki Stacy Charles, Inc. Cotton Classic (100% mercerized cotton) in 3786 (Bright Turquoise)
Amount: 5 1/2 skiens
Size: 38
Modifications: Lengthened body before armhole shaping by 1" and added 3 rows to sleeves
Duration: 6/28/10 - 7/17/10

Final thoughts: Firstly, I bought some great buttons on Etsy but am still deciding about whether to sew them on or not. Secondly, I ordered twice as much yarn as was needed so I'm halfway through knitting a matching tank top. Pictures will be posted when complete.

Happy Knitting!