Saturday, March 28, 2009

I'm Knitting as Fast as I can ...

... and it doesn't seem to be fast enough. It is difficult for me to match the pace of my knitting (slow) with the rate of my interest in starting new projects (rapid). This discrepancy is further aggravated by my propensity to choose projects that require tiny needle sizes (US0, US1,US2). I just like the look of finished knitted fabric with fine stitches. This means that while other knitters are knocking out finished objects in just a couple of weeks, I'm plugging along for months. So, although I know pictures of works in progress tend to be boring, here is my version of Marion Foale's "Neat Knit" as she currently stands.

There have been some minor tragedies associated with this project which will be blogged all in good time.

And, here are the sleeves. Sleeves are particularly difficult to tackle when one is ready to follow the siren's call of the next anticipated project, but I am determined to knit away on them until they are done.

And lastly, here is the body of Perlemor 1. This is an incredibly fun knit. I absolutely love the houndstooth check pattern.