Saturday, February 19, 2011

Darn Those Socks!

A confluence of three events this past week led me to try something new: darning. First, I received my Spring 2011 issue of Interweave Knits. I was very interested to read a column by Sigrid Arnott all about how her father had taught her to darn socks when she was growing up in Montana. (See her blog at The thing that struck me the most about her description was the use of a lightbulb in place of a darning egg. That tid-bit stuck with me. The second event was that my beloved brother sent me Vogue Knitting's Knitopedia as a birthday gift. As I was flipping through this fabulous book I noticed a description of darning (complete with technical drawings) on pages 64-65. Finally, my DH came home one day and showed me that the socks I knit for him in March 2008 each had a hole in the heel.

Since these were the first pair of socks I'd ever knit I wanted to save them. So, I resolved to learn how to darn. With the Knitopedia on my lap, some balls of left-over yarn at my side, a lightbulb firmly stuck inside the sock and a tapestry needle in hand, I dove in.

It was actually kind of fun! Who would have thunk it?

My first sock (on the left) came out a little bit lumpy, but my DH was kind enough to say that he really didn't notice it too much.

The second attempt (on the right) went along a lot more smoothly (literally) and I added some duplicate stitching to both disguise and extend the reinforced section of the heel.

I have a feeling other parts of the sole are ready to go soon, but this should hold them for a little while longer.

Maybe just until the snow melts!