Saturday, June 20, 2009

With apologies to Marion Foale

Last Fall I was thumbing through a back issue of Rowan magazine, Rowan 36 to be exact, and came across this beautiful cardigan.

Apparently, this was a Marion Foale design named "Betty" that was available in UK retail shops in the 1990's for about 250 pounds. I despaired of being able to "reverse-engineer" the design until I found this Marion Foale pattern published in Woman's Weekly (11/4/2008 issue) on eBay.

I decided to try and modify the pattern to approximate the "Betty." Six months later, here is my best attempt:

Overall, I am pleased with the outcome but it is now clear to me why Marion Foale is a talented knitwear designer and I am not.

First, I misplaced the pockets.

Rather than frog the whole thing (to which a collar was already attached) I decided to camouflage them with pocket-flaps (one of which I think is sewn on a little crooked).

Second, I had absolutely no idea how to turn a Revere collar into a shawl collar and, as it turns out, moss stitch does not look the same when turned on its side.

Third, I added a vent to the back just to be fancy.

After six months of slaving away at this, I have to admit it was not my best effort. Sigh.

Although I think I will be able to happily wear it to work, it does not warm my perfectionist heart. But, the great thing about knitting is there is always the next project!


Pattern: Modified "Neat Knit," by Marion Foale
Yarn: Rowan 4-ply soft in ecru (doubled throughout) - 20 balls
Needles: US0 and US1
Completed: January - June 20, 2009


Anonymous said...

You still did a nice job and it looks like a Marion Foale original, lovely.

Can you tell me if the pattern Betty is definitely in Rowan Magazine 36? I know my friend has been looking for 'Betty' for a long time and if I can get a copy it will be a nice surprise for her
thank you

Anonymous said...

Julie, You didn't leave your email address so I couldn't reply to you that way. The design "Betty" is not in Rowan 36 - only a photograph of it. That's why I had to use this somewhat similar pattern from Woman's Weekly (November 4, 2008) to approximate the design. I do wish Marion Foale would come out with a pattern for Betty, but there are probably copyright laws involved as she sold the design retail. Alas. - Liesl