Sunday, May 10, 2009

I Got the Baby Blues!

These may be the smallest jeans ever! I knit the newborn size and I'm thinking these will fit Baby S. for about 5 minutes. The pincushion was placed in the photo to indicate the size of the FO. Are newborn babies really this tiny?

The button is wooden and is painted with an orange slice design. The embroidery was done with Rowan handknit cotton in "canteloupe." The jeans themselves were knit with Rowan demin and pre-shrunk in the washer in hot (!) water and thrown in the dryer before sewing up. (I know!)

The label was made with faux leather in butterscotch purchased online from Leisure Arts. (I can't take credit for thinking this up, I took my inspiration from "beppesgirl" on Ravelry.)

The entire project was completed within a weekend -- a first for me! And I also had time to do 5 loads of laundry, play a game of tennis, read a book and watch two movies. So I'd say all in all this is about an 8-hour project.
Design: BLU by Cristina Bernard Shiffman and Kay Gardiner
Mason-Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines
Yarn: Rowan Denim in Nashville and Tennessee
Rowan Handknit Cotton in shade 337
Size: 0-3 months
Mods: None to speak of -- substituted faux leather tag for felt tag
Problems: The crotch is a little wonky due to an irregular cast off on my part.
While I have some momentum with this I plan to start the 6-12 month old size right away so the little guy can wear them for a little while.

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