Sunday, July 20, 2008

Experiment in Brocade

With this project I am attempting to stretch myself in terms of my knitting abilities. I'm experimenting with circular stranded knitting and colorwork. I'm trying to teach myself how to knit with a color in each hand, to weave in the ends, avoid twisted stitches, and notice the effect of different color combinations. It's a lot. But, I'm having fun, so the end result is almost beside the point.

So, it's a vest knit with a two-color brocade pattern that was designed to be knit in pieces in intarsia. I've chosen to knit it as a stranded pattern on circular needles with two balls of Kauni Rainbow (EQ) colorway yarn.

The pattern is a lot of fun to watch develop as the colors change and the non-repeating pattern unfolds.

The yarn holders are a little distracting -- they are keeping the pocket stitches "live" to be finished later.

The pattern was taken from an old (1992) Kim Hargreaves book.

Oh, BTW, did I mention it has a steek? (Eek!) Stay tuned as the fun continues ...


Carol said...

It's looking good! It's a pretty challenging pattern for color knitting, because of the irregularity of it and the many stitches without changing colors. Kudos. If you don't like the stitch holders you could put those stitches on a pieces of yarn--and knot the yarn into a loop.

Pinneguri said...

It's going to be absolutely stunningly beautiful! I'll follow all the way :D

Becki said...

Wow! What I would give for a copy of that pattern!